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 Rules [Must Read]

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PostSubject: Rules [Must Read]   Rules [Must Read] EmptyWed Jul 18, 2018 10:31 pm

Ultimate Rules

  1. English only.
    There is an exception to the above, if you must speak in another language please use the following code:

  2. Do not one word post - Results in a warn.
  3. Do not spam or post smilies only - Results in a warn.
  4. Any NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or NSFL (Not Safe For Life) content is not tolerated - Results in a 20 day ban.
  5. Impersonating Team Members, Moderator or Administrators is not tolerated - Results in a 10 day ban.
  6. Do not revive dead topics (1 month +), however stickied topics are the only exception - Results in a warn.
  7. Multiple accounts is not tolerated unless said otherwise by a Moderator or Administrator - Results in one account being banned permanently.
  8. Moderators abusing their powers will have it removed.
  9. If you were warned then asking a Moderator to remove it will be ignored, there is a valid reason as to why you were warned.
  10. In correlation to the above point if you believe you were warned without reason then contact a Moderator with evidence.
  11. All profile content (Avatars, Status and Signatures) must follow the forum limits - Results in the content being removed and receiving a warn.
  12. If you have been banned once your second ban will have a longer duration however on your third ban you will be permanently banned.
  13. If you witness a user breaking any of the rules please provide evidence (screenshots and links) and report to a Moderator.


Rules [Must Read] Gundam_signature_by_mark975-d8c8r08
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Rules [Must Read]
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