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 Yusei Fudo Lore

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PostSubject: Yusei Fudo Lore   Yusei Fudo Lore EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 11:55 pm

Class: A
Strength: 6
Speed: 6
Intelligence: 9
Skill: 4
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Yusei: A rank
Yusei chooses to sumon an monster, trap or spell if he gets encountered. His card that he uses are chosen randomly from HIS deck, so if your in luck then you may summon Assault Type Stardust Dragon. You need to believe in the heart of the cards.

Being forced to survive on what he could, Yusei developed expert dueling skills. He, along with Kalin, Jack and Crow, became part of a group known as the Enforcers (Team Satisfaction in the Japanese version).
Team Satisfaction. Yusei and The Enforcers. Believing they could never leave Satellite, the team tried to make the most of their lives there. They began taking over various regions. While facing another Duel Gang, one of the members tries to kill Yusei, by throwing him off the roof. Kalin catches Yusei by a Duel Disk cuff, stopping him from falling. As Kalin's platform begins to give way, Yusei tells Kalin to leave him and save himself. Kalin refuses to abandon his friend and pulls Yusei up. With that gang defeated, the Enforcers have captured all the zones in Satellite. They finally dominated the whole of Satellite.

How he joined the game:
Yusei fighting once again against the Enforcers but this time the Angel came towards him as she has noticed Yusei's power and wanted to use him for her team that she is developing, the Angel noticed his skills and begged Yusei to join, what will Yusei bring towards the field?

"There's rejection, and anger, but... there's still something else lying dormant.." - Yusei


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Yusei Fudo Lore
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